Here's a short profile about me and what I like doing!

(M / 20s / very gay)

My main interests are art, video games, storytelling and JP/EN translation work. I made this website to host my translation projects, as well as any artwork that I've drawn. I hope visitors can find something they might like here!

I have a good understanding of Japanese (though I'm always striving towards improved fluency,) and I'm glad to work on any translation requests one might have!
(I'm also planning to post info on commission rates here, once I eventually work out said rates.)

I hope to someday work as a translator full-time; more than anything else, I want to share stories that I found personally meaningful, fulfilling or inspiring with other people too.

Also here's a list of assorted media I like:
-Video games: various Nintendo franchises (Mario, Kirby, Pokémon etc.) / Touhou Project (!!) / Undertale / We Know the Devil / indie games in general
-Webcomics: Cucumber Quest
-Anime & manga: Revolutionary Girl Utena / Shimanami Tasogare / Jojo's Bizarre Adventure / Yuri!!! on ICE / etc.
-Etc.: McElroy family podcasts