Links to other websites I'd recommend checking out!

Take it easy! ( - Personal website of author and game creator Chie Sasakawa (笹川チエ). Hosts Japanese original fiction, as well as several short, free VN games.
Primary-Color Space, a Japanese site featuring several free games by Aka-Ao-Midori (赤青緑). Includes the Touhou Project fangame Touhou Kaikeidou ~ Marine Benefit.

Sea God Bookstore, the NicoNico blog of Marine Benefit's composer Kuroha (黒羽), where they host music albums and fanfic related to the game. (Also: Kuroha's Twitter and Soundcloud, where they post updates on their work and original music of various genres.)

Trick Nostalgie - Personal website of JynX, creator of the Len'en series and various Touhou Project fan videos. All games in the Len'en series can be found here for free, as well as links to commercial vendors of JynX's Touhou remix albums.