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*Image credit: Chie Sasakawa

Share is a short gay romance game by Chie Sasakawa, for the Kirikiri VN engine. (Sasakawa's website: Take it easy!)

A sequel to Try!, set 2 years later. Tani and Kakimoto are now in their second year of college, living together in a one-room apartment, and are in a committed relationship. Aside from a few bumps along the way (like their altogether-too-small bed,) they're pretty happy together. ...Well, fairly happy. Relatively.

...Maybe there are still a few things they should be more honest with each other about.

Original game page on Sasakawa's website
Link to download the game on Freem!           (+Download instructions)
English patch & associated readme files

-Play time: About 50 minutes to 1 hour (45 min. for first playthrough)
-Genre: 70% serious / 30% light-hearted / Boys' Love
-Original release date: July 18, 2015
-Author's rating: 15+

Sasakawa's guidelines for reviews, derivative works, and playthrough videos of games from Take it easy!:

"As long as you make sure to observe the conditions listed below, you're free to do as you like.
-Please, no defamatory comments or commercial profiteering.
-No defamation of the providers of free resources used, nor any behaviour that'd pose a nuisance to said providers.
-Please make sure to print the game's title, as well as the name ("Take it easy!") and URL (http://cult.jp/skycat/) of Sasakawa's website as the game's original source.

  Beyond that, you don't have to ask for any particular permission or announce things in advance.
  If it's with a healthy dose of moderation, I'd be delighted if you find these games enjoyable."